Journey Diaries

At the bottom of the Gulf of Guinea, stretching from the equatorial forest in the south to Lake Chad in the North, Cameroon is often considered as a miniature Africa or “all Africa in one country” as the tourist slogan says.

If you are lucky enough to go to this country you will discover a concentrate of Africa which brings together all the “Africas”:

On a socio-cultural level: a patchwork of cultures linked to the different origins of peoples, reflected in the lifestyle, traditions, and crafts. You may meet, the tribes of the north, Peuls and Kotokos, probably the tallest men in the world, and, in the south in the forest, the Pygmies, the shortes men.

Geographically and climatically: in West, a temperate climate in hauts plateaux. In Adamaoua, a tropical climate and a savanna with varied and abundant fauna. In Far-North, a desertic climate and the amazing massifs of the Alantika and Mandara Mountains. In South-east, a warm and humid climate with the equatorial forest where the pygmy tribes live. To the South, huge beaches of yellow sand in Kribi. And in Southwest, the black sand beaches of Limbe.

On the linguistic level: Cameroon officially includes a French-speaking part (8 regions) and an English-speaking part (2 regions ), but also a multitude of ethnic groups (259).

We took the time to listen, to see, to palaver. To discover this warm country that lives so intensely and so passionately.
 In our luggage many pieces waiting to be appraised and authenticated by our specialists.