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Seminar of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE) between GZU & KUST

In the morning of April 28th , Academic Seminar of SMSE between GZU& KUST was hold at room 509 in the building of College of Materials and Metallurgy.

Jiang Yehua (President of the School of SMSEin KUST), Cao Jianchun (secretary of the party committee), Fengjing (candidate of the young elites in the 11thone thousand oversea students plan), Prof. Cai Jinming, Liu Hongxi and Yang Zhengyi (supervisors of doctoral student on reserving talents of young academic and technology in Yunnan Province ), attended the seminar, as well as Li Junqi (vice president of GZU), officials in School of Material, faculty and postgraduates.

Firstly, Li Junqi made a speech in which he gave his expectations on a deeper academic communication between GZU and KUST.

In the meeting, Prof. Feng Jing delivered a speech on the structure of hard phase in wearable iron material &research on theory design of mechanics and thermal properties, and he alsointeracted and answered the question of faculty and students. Afterwards,academic reports were made respectively by Prof. Liang Yilong, Xie Haibo, LiuQifu, Xiang Song from GZU, and Prof. Cai Jinming, Liu Hongxi, Yang Zhengwen from KUST.