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We provide genuine artefacts to clients around the world, Articles that mark your distinction

Welcome to African Private Art Collection

If you are looking for primitive art items, fruits of the art-craft, Look no more and Stay with us! We collect authentic items from Africa.

What’s African Private Art Collection about?

This website is the virtual conterpart of  one of the greatest physical personal collection of art. Explore it through a Gallery page, News about Cultural events and, Collectors a space where spécial items are proposed to registered users

How to contact us?

If there’s a particular question, topic or problem you want us to tackle here ,Just let us know trough the contact form.
Policies for registration are restrictive since the last attack against our website. the Protection of our customers’ Data is of the utmost importance

More is coming!
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We visited for you: Cameroon. At the bottom of the Gulf of Guinea, stretching from the equatorial forest in the south to Lake Chad in the North, Cameroon is often …